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Below are Powerpoint slides of presentations given at the Opening Doors: A State of the Science Conference in Bethesda, MD, Nov 10-11, 2008. Download the Powerpoint files, or get the same content as PDFs, or text-only MS Word files for better accessibility.

November 10-11, 2008

Monday Morning: State of the Science Sessions

Identification of Disabilities: The Linguistic and Cultural Validity of the CSHCN Screener

Stephen Blumberg, PhD

Community-based Inclusive Recreation: Are Children with Disabilities Having Fun Yet?

Dot Nary, MA

Adolescent Transition

Renee Jenkins, MD

Where can Opening Doors take us next?

Judith Palfrey MD, Susan Foley PhD, Abdirahman Yusuf, Deborah Leuchovius

Monday Afternoon: Presentations from the Field

Panel 1A - Inclusive Recreation

Out of the Box-Out of the Clinic: The Outdoor Sensory Experience

Susan Orloff, OTR/L

Development and Implementation of Community-based Sports/Recreational Programs for Youth with Severe Disabilities

Joyce Stout, RN

Project Adventure: Lessons Learned

Emily Davidson, MD, Laurie Glader, MD

Panel 1B - Transition Planning and Programs

Assessing Intermediate Outcomes of Youth with Disabilities

Mustafa C. Karakus, PhD, Lynn Elinson, PhD, William D. Frey, PhD, Richard L. Horne, EdD

Person-Centered Planning and the Transition Process

Kristie Melkers

A Residential Schools Transition Program What It Is - What It Is Not

Kathy Hegemann

Panel 1C - Improving Services for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

Children with Special Health Care Needs in Public Schools

Maxine B. Freund, EdD, Chandra Keller Allen, EdD

WISHES: Working Initiative for Special Health Education Services

Kitty O'Hare, MD, Manisha S. Patel, MD

Supported Employment: What Students, Families, and Transition Specialists Need to Know

Monica Simonsen, Sherril Moon, PhD, Debra Neubert, PhD

Adolescent to Adult Transitions: Trepidation or Triumph?

Penny Hauser-Cram, PhD

Panel 2A - Screening and Early Identification

Building partnerships and alliances to address challenges in the early identification, assessment, service coordination and provision of services for young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related disabilities

Georgina Peacock, MD, MPH, Sue Lin

Swaying Systems and Impacting Lives

Juanona Brewster, MDiv, MTS, MJ, Scott Allen, Anita Berry, Dana Brazdziunas, MD

Project Screening: Lessons Learned

Alison Schonwald, MD, Kelly Horan, MPH, Noelle Huntington, PhD

Panel 2B - Educational and Transition Planning for Youth with Sickle Cell Disease

Educational and Transition Planning for Youth with Sickle Cell Disease

Karen Wills, PhD, Stephen Nelson, MD, and Osita Nwaneri, MD

Panel 2C - Working with Underserved Communities

Early detection and intervention services for infant hearing loss in South Africa: a Pilot Program

Alison Hart, MPH, Claudine Storbeck, PhD, De Wet Swanepoel, PhD

Accessibility and barriers of services for children with developmental disabilities in underserved communities: implications for the Asian Pacific Islander American populations

Dian Baker PhDc, Michelle Dang, RN, Elizabeth Miller MD, PhD

The Role of Family Organizations in Outreach Support to Immigrant Families of Children with Special Needs

Mercedes Rosa, Diana MTK Autin

Tuesday Morning: Community Based Participatory Research Workshops

Integrating Different Sources of Knowledge into a Research Study: The Challenge and Promise of Community-based Participatory Research

Abdirahman Yusuf, Rich Robison, PhD, MDiv, Elizabeth Bostic, Susan Foley, PhD

Four Community Experiences with Research: Haitian, Chinese, Ethiopian, Asian/Pacific Islander Perspectives on Knowledge Creation

Renald Raphael, MD, Binyam Tamene, Joseph Wu, Carolyn Leung

Opt4College: Youth-centered Participatory Action Research In the Design of an On-line Educational Transition Curriculum

Jadine Yarde, Javier Serrano, Myra Rosen-Reynoso, PhD, Veronica Palmer-Segal, Matthew Kusminsky, Stelios Gragoudas, PhD, Keith Jones

Note: Images of research participants have been removed from Powerpoints for privacy purposes.

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